Tuesday 14 January 2020

Baddesley Clinton re-visited

This is by far my favourite National Trust house in our area.

I have taken lots of photographs this time, walking around, catching it from all angles

The bridge over the moat, the only way in

I like the fact that it's surrounded by water, the shape of it, the colours

It's magnificent

It's built around a courtyard

and this is my favourite angle. I never tire of looking at this.

There are always ducks around the house

Two male mallards were having a fight - it was vicious. A woman tried to separate them to no avail. They totally ignored her.

The grounds at Baddesley are small, and as always, we were after a good walk, so we walked every single inch of the park.

Over the bridge

around the lake

good reflections

along the stream - a good view of the house from here


the path that leads to the walled garden

the walled garden

and we had come full circle, back to the house.

But, we wanted to walk more, so we took the path that leads to

St Michael's church

had a quick look inside

a small organ for a small church.

We continued until we reached the woods which were too muddy, so we retraced our steps

a last look at the church, and to the car park, and home.

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