Thursday 23 April 2020

Rock Mill

It's getting hard finding new walks around our neighbourhood in these difficult times of social distancing. A few days ago we decided to explore a small settlement near the river not far from where we live. We walked along this lane,

and reached this house with the old mill next to it.

a well-proportioned house

and Rock Mill. There is documentary evidence that this mill existed from the Medieval period. The present building is late 18th century when a cotton mill operated. Today it's gated, and it's been separated into flats.

The river is right next to it.

On our right some more houses.

The settlement is situated between the river and this rockface.

A convenient place for the firewood.

We made our way behind the mill, another house on our right

stairs leading up to the back of the house

and we reached the river.

The back of the mill

There is seating here all along this stretch - it must be lovely in the summer

Another seating area

We moved on to a fairly large grassed-up area nearby, that floods in the winter.

We walked along the path, past these magnificent weeping willows

And finally, made our way home.

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