Tuesday 25 August 2020

Our Tuesday market

We have the choice of two markets in our area,  one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays. The Saturday one is our preferred option, as the beach gets too busy at weekends so going to the market on Saturday means we can go swimming on Tuesday. 

Except, for the man selling eggs on Tuesdays - his eggs are free-range and fabulous, bright orange yolk and they are delicious.

This was our first visit to the market this year. We went well prepared: FFP2 mask and a visor, plus lots of sanitiser, of course. I was a bit worried about going as people don't seem to exercise social distancing much: I have been told that since lockdown was eased, people have got out of the habit of doing so - it's the same in the UK, people seem to have forgotten that the pandemic is still with us. The vast majority of people were wearing masks though, but very few of the stall holders.

Huge piles of delicious fruit and veg - it all tastes so much better than the produce in the UK.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are the staple salad ingredients for the summer

peppers and aubergines

various fresh herbs and lettuce - even though lettuce is not in season at the moment, there is always one seller at least who stocks it

huge radishes

the first grapes of the season

a varied stall this one: potatoes, onions and watermelons


three of the main staples of  summer: tomatoes, aubergines and peppers

small cucumbers - I have to say that I prefer them to the more common, larger ones

these are lemons, not limes

and some yellow ones

beans - another staple of the summer: green ones with threads - these ones take ages to prepare so I never buy them, the pink ones are called handres - you eat only the inside which turn white whilst cooking, and green ones without threads, easy to prepare and the ones I favour.

August means figs, and these ones are the vasilika (royal), the best and sweetest


and clothes too.

Three types of aubergine: black, white and the purple ones

more grapes - the black ones in the middle are tiny, where raisins come from, I guess

luscious plums

nectarines and peaches

pistachios before they've been skinned and shelled

huge spring onions

parsley, a different variety to the one you get in the UK

most of the fish has gone

I love these round courgettes - they are divine when roasted.

This was a depleted market - not only because it's August but also because it was the first one after the August 15th celebrations which are almost as big as Christmas here. No flower stall for instance.

We loaded our trolley and then started the relatively long walk back to the apartment.

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