Thursday 1 July 2021

Three of a Kind, at the Bevere Gallery

Three of a Kind

at the Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

A special summer exhibition celebrating 15 years since the opening of the gallery. The exhibition consists of three pieces of each of  a number of ceramicists.  There were also other exhibits and this post is a mixture of both.

Sally MacDonell (porcelain and stoneware)

Jane Hollidge

Hollidge uses the coiling technique to make most of her pieces

Coil bowl with Abstract and Velvet Glaze

Pinch Pot with Crackle and Velvet Glaze

Slab Pot with White and Velvet Glaze

Tim Andrews, Large Banded Humbug (raku)

Tim Andrews, Tall Lidded Red Curling Piece (raku)

Tim Andrews, Wide Lidded Red Curling Piece (raku)

Kyra Cane, (porcelain bowls)

Sacha Wardell (two bowls and one vase, bone china)

Gemma Gowland

Gemma Gowland

Gemma Gowland

Gemma Gowland

Gemma Gowland

John Higgins, Let's Go Down to the Sea Again

Three bowls, different sizes

Craig Underhill, Walking and Looking

Sharon Griffin

Janet James, Yellow and Blue Tuscan Landscape

Dan Holden

Dan Holden

Dan Holden

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