Wednesday 23 March 2022

Street food in Oxford

The Gloucester Green open-air market in Oxford has always been fun for browsing. There used to be four food stalls and we used to treat ourselves to falafels for lunch.

We had not been for over two years due to the pandemic, but last Friday when we visited Oxford we were amazed at the transformation: the market now has the biggest selection of street food I have seen anywhere, and it all looked finger-licking good. 

A series of tables and benches between the stalls made it easy to enjoy the delicious food.

It was packed - there was not enough space for everyone to sit down, so lots of people stood around on the edges of the market, eating while standing.

There were stalls from Nepal








Transylvania - called Dracula's Kitchen

and finally, cakes and tarts.

Choosing what to eat was very difficult given the amazing variety. In the end, I chose a chicken with noddles dish, and then I had a tiramisu. Ken had a dahl followed by a slice of marble cake. 

We will be going there again.


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