Thursday 26 May 2022

The Oxford Ceramics Gallery - April 2022

The Oxford Ceramics Gallery, April 2022.

This exhibition features nine artists in celebration of a golden era of studio pottery.

Norah Braden, (1901-2001), Bowl

Shoji Hamada, 1894-1978, Bowl, 1960 (stoneware with shino and iron deoration)

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie, 1895-1965), Bowl with drips

Bowl, 1920s, (stoneware)

Janet Leach, (1918-1997), Ash Vase with Lugs, (stoneware)

William Staite Murray, (1861-1962), Miniature Pot, 1924

Shoji Hamada, 1894-1978), Square Jar

Janet Leach, Vase

Michael Cardew, (1901-1983), Bean Plate

Bernard Leach, (1887-1979), Large Decorated Bowl

Bernard Leach, (1887-1979), Bottle Vase, 1930, (Early Korean style vase with porcelain slip inlay)

Bernard Leach, (1887-1979), Stoneware Tile

Janet Leach, Bowl

Janet Leach, Bottle Vase, 1970

Katharine Playdell Bouverie, Dish

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie, (1895-1985), Large and Small Vase

Shoji Hamada, Set of Six Hexagonal Serving dishes, 1930s


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