Tuesday 26 July 2022

The art trail

One of the first things we do when we have settled back in Athens, is go to Kolonaki and walk around. We stop at some of the private galleries in the area and look at what's on. This time it was quite disappointing, nothing that we particularly liked, except for the video installation at the Zoumboulakis gallery which I will post about separately. It was nevertheless a pleasant morning.

We stopped at the Roma gallery to see an exhibition by Francesco Passanti.

Next stop, Skoufa Gallery, where they had a group exhibition

Their catalogue was a bit of a mess, so I could not find out who this seascape is by.

Giorgos Hadoulis, (oil on canvas)

Panagiotis Toundas, (oil on canvas)

Giannis Michaelides, (acrylic on paper)

Kalliope Asargiotaki, (oil on canvas)

Giannis Michaelides

Kalfayan Gallery had an exhibition by Panos Tsagaris

Gallery Genesis exhibited the work of Giorgos Kevrekides

It was time for lunch so we walked up the hill to Phillipou

their outdoor space is small but perfectly formed.

All the tables were booked bar one, so we sat and had lunch in splendid isolation - all the people who had booked were obviously going to have a late lunch.


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