Thursday 13 October 2022

Shapes of Stories - ceramic art at the Blender Gallery

Shapes of Stories - ceramic art at the Blender Gallery, Glyfada.

This is the second ceramic art exhibition I have seen in Greece, and given the revival of ceramics worldwide, we can expect more. Clay is becoming a medium of sculptural expression, a form that blends art design and also functions with traditional, modern and experimental techniques. It is very pleasing to see the move from the traditional functional imperative, to an art form.

Panagiotis Lezes

Irini Theodosi

This work was inspired by Quernos, an ancient Greek vessel used in the Eleusinian Mysteries for the ritual sacrifice of food. The ceramic cluster of vessels and cavities are ready to receive offerings.

looking closer

Melina Xenaki

Natalia Manta

Janet Lines

Maria Alexiou

This work was created after the study of mushrooms. 'Fungi shapes are in themselves a frozen frame of a dance that unfolds. Mushrooms are to be searched for, hidden and fragile. Underneath what we discover is a whole new world. An endless structure that is integral to the development of entire ecosystems', says the artist.

Anna Karountzou, Stomata

Stomata means 'mouths' in Greek. Karoutzou is from Oia in Santorini, and the stoneware she uses is mixed with volcanic sand-gravel that she collected from Santorini.

Maru Meleniou

Giorgos Trichas

Nikolas Athanasopoulos

The gallery website tells me that Athanasopoulos creates his pieces using 3D print ceramic technology. I have no idea how that works.

Philippos Theodorides

Alexandra Manousaki

Diane Alexandre, With Closed Eyes

Hand-built and carved mask with bronze details and white porcelain, depicting the Minotaur who represents the entrapment of the self, the impossibility to move past a destructive pattern, the oblivious blindness of the heart. Alexandre states that 'with closed eyes, we refuse to see ourselves, but also we totally trust someone else. This piece is a song to love, the one that hurts and the one that saves'.

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