Wednesday 2 November 2022

Wandering around Nafplio

We really enjoyed our two days in Nafplio - it was wonderful walking around the town, particularly the old part which has kept its traditional architecture and atmosphere. The town is one of the few in Greece which has been spared the widespread destruction of traditional architecture during the process of 'antiparochi', where the owners of houses sign them over to developers who knock down the houses and build apartment buildings in exchange for 50% of the new development. This is due to the efforts of the archaeologist Evangelia Pronotariou Deilaki whose thinking and actions went against the prevailing trend of the post-war era.

Consequently, Nafplio maintains its own distinct traditional architectural style with many colourful buildings around the old town, architecture that was influenced by the Venetians who dominated the town between 1338-1540. The town also contains a great number of neoclassical buildings as well as a smaller number of modernist ones.

Our hotel was a neo-classical building

the first and second floor landings

this two-storey house was opposite our hotel

quite a few old houses that have not been renovated

we were very near one of the main streets of the Old Town

narrow lanes leading off it

this street was full of cafes, bars and restaurants

some had tables outside

and some had interesting signs outside

quite a few delicatessens

you would look to your right or left, and another narrow lane

A Fernando Botero-inspired sign in the outside space of this taverna

some tourist shops, but most shops sold clothes, shoes and accessories for the residents of the town

lots of steps on our right leading up to the hill where Palamidi stands

Lots of shops selling worry beads, and this one also has a worry bead museum as well

outside a gift shop

We spent a delightful hour during our second day wandering around a small park

where marble sculptures were exhibited

had a drink in the outdoor cafe

under this palm tree

A large part of the seafront is full of cafeterias and they are always packed.


The main town square is huge

and is full of cafeterias. We sat here one evening for our pre-dinner ouzos.

3Sixty is one of the best restaurants in the town

we had a sonderful meal here.

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