Saturday 3 December 2022

Warwickshire Open 2022

Warwickshie Open 2022, at Leamington Art Gallery and Museum.

An exhibition showcasing artists living and working in the West Midlands. 

Sally Fitchard, Mini Elevations, (ceramic and wood)

Claudette Homes, Him (embelished original print on wood)

Verity Clark, Demeter II, (mixed media)

Luiza Grabda Pawluc, She, (oil on canvas)

Paul Seven, Avenue Road Railway Bridge, (oil on canvas)

Lu Wenjuan, 22:29, (oil on canvas)

Aniela Preston, Touch me Not (Noil me Tangere), acrylic on canvas

Patricia Padget, Glass and Fruit, (oil on canvas)

Mark Elsmore, Playlist, (watercolour gouache)

This was the winner.

Angela Webb, Jephson Fountains, (oil on board)

David Hugh Lockett, Warwickshire Landscape, (oil on canvas)

Heather Bailey, Islands, (acrylic on paper)


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