Friday 3 November 2023

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2023 - 1

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2023 at Saint Edwards School, Oxford.

It's that time of year again, and the Oxford Ceramics Fair is not to be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed it again, just loved it. So much fantastic work made by talented ceramicists, all together under one roof. Just pure delight. I have posted only a fraction of the artists involved.

On most stalls there were notices saying: 'please touch'. How refreshing.

Tricia Thom:

Thom works with porcelain and her pots are thrown on the wheel. She takes references from an eastern aesthetic. She sees teapots and moon jars as symbols of community and ritual.

Rachel Foxwell:

Jo Davies:

Thrown porcelain domestic objects. Davies prefers to use monochromatic tones so that the shape of an object is the loudest element with any colour or gild additions being about enhancing and highlighting the shape.

Ashraf Hanna:

I love Hanna's minimalist, almost ascetic work. Unfortunately his pots are very expensive and I have not managed to own one yet.

This is what he says about his work: 'I make handbuilt vessels and pinchpots, some are cut and altered. In my work, I explore form through colour, texture and scale. I am interested in exploratory forms which are the results of the juxtaposition of sharp lines, softer curves. The cut and altered vessels are concerned with introducing dynamic designs through minimal intervetion'.

Sara Moorhouse:

Another ceramicist whose work I greatly admire. Such vibrant colours, such precision in the execution.

This is new work, and it made me smile. Just lovely.

Justine Allison:

Hand-built porcelain, such delicate pieces, such precision in the execution. Wonderful.

Sharon Griffin:

Beautiful sculptures, always the human figure.

Lise Herub Braten:

Works with both stoneware and porcelain, some pieces are hand-built, others are thrown and then altered or carved.

Sasha Wardell:

Works with porcelain, her ceramics are very often translucent.

Rachel Peters:

Hand-built vessels and sculptures, using the method of coiling. She is influenced by the simplicity and craftmanship of Danish design, famous for its clean lines, natural materials and muted colours.

Lara Scobie:

Stunning work. Each piece is made in fine porcelain Parian clay and hand decorated using a combination of inlay and sgraffito drawing. The colours are so vibrant and the designs so complex yet understated!


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