Wednesday 28 February 2024


We tend to do this walk once every ten days, or so. We take the tram to one end of Glyfada, a suburb near ours, and then we start walking - the aim is to walk to the other end.

It's a sea walk: Glyfada has six or seven bays like this one - I have lost count.

Glyfada is quite a prosperous suburb, and the houses facing the sea along this stretch are grand

The council have almost finished re-developing the pedestrian path

which looks like this. I really like it. The council have also created a path alongside this one for push bikes.

You can see the pushbike path on the left of the depestrian one - it's pink as opposed to yellow/cream of the one that we're on. Next to the path is the road, and then the fancy houses, many of them hidden behind tall walls.

Council workers planting between the two paths.

On our right, the sea.

In-between the six otr seven bays, marinas are located.

There are a few cafeterias or restaurants along the way, but not many anymore. There used to be loads, but they were all closed down, because the council intend to redevelop the whole area - when all this will happen we do not know.

This is one of my favourite houses

This is one of the few sections that has not been completed yet - they are working on it now, as you can see. As we were walking past on this particular walk, I heard one of the workers say 'we have to have freedom of speech'.  I thought it was an interesting conversation to be having, so I stopped and had a chat with them.

One of the houses

and another one.

We turned right here, to a promontory - boats on our right

wasteland with a few trees on our left

We had reached the end and we could see the spot where we were standing 15 minutes before

as well as one of the bays.

We retraced our steps and re-joined the path

There is a house here, behind the tall hedge - all you can really see is the white gate

We reached the house that used to fascinate me when I was a child - it's like a fairy tale house

Another promontory

I stopped to have a look at the disabled changing hut

on this bay/beach

looking out at sea

the next bay (maybe there are more than six or seven - I must get my act together and count them properly some time). Here's someone else relaxing by the sea: but no tablecloth here

Back on the main path, and a fancy, modern apartment building on our left

another grand house

and another one.

A children's playground - I like the ark

I love this path. It was a cold, downdast day when we did this walk - on warmer, sunny days there's lots of people who walk here

can't see much of this one due to all the foliage

two people climbed up on the lifeguard's post - the views from there must be good

this house has huge grounds

they go on and on, endlessly

again, you can't see much of this one

sea gazing

all you can see from this estate (?) is the wall and gate

I really like this one

a better view

another promontory which we took

the Sea Turtle Rescue Center

which was buzzing with kids out on a school trip on a later date when we did this walk again

we got to the edge, and stopped to look at the view

zooming in - the cafeteria on the left was our destination

Started walking back

on the other side of the road where there's loads of boats

Back on the main path

Past the old town hall which is a cultural centre now

and we arrived at Caretta, the cafeteria where we like to go and sit when doing this walk

on this occasion we were the only people sitting outside as it was chilly

but we wanted the peace of watching the sea

a week later when we came back it was packed

So peaceful and relaxing

We stayed for about an hour and then decided to go into the town itself as we had some shopping to do - by the old town hall

we stopped to have a look at these two sculptures

We crossed the busy main road, walked past the main church in the square, did our shopping, then took the tram and went back home.

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