Sunday, 6 February 2011

Vasso Katraki

The main square in Glyfada is called Vasso Katraki. I have always wondered who Vasso Katraki was particularly since naming streets or indeed squares after women is pretty rare. Now I know. The Museum of Cycladic Art have staged an exhibition of Katraki's work and what a delight it is!

This is to be found in the permanent collection of the Museum. Cycladic art flourished four to five thousand years ago.

Katraki has been heavily influenced by Cycladic art.

Most of her work is carvings on stone - she quite often used those carvings to make prints.

This is one of my favourites - it is called 'loneliness'. So simple yet so powerful.

and this is the print of the stone carving

This is a drawing on rough wrapping paper which is heavily creased. She made this in Yaros where she was exiled during the dark years of the junta. Yaros is a rocky island where the Colonels set up camps where they imprisoned, beat and tortured anyone they saw as a threat. It was a very difficult time in her life so this drawing is particularly poignant.

A group of figures.

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