Thursday, 10 February 2011

A walk around Plaka

Yesterday was another gorgeous day so we thought we would go for a walk around Plaka.

First stop, the new Acropolis Museum


A sunny day so the reflections on the glass are very clear and strong

A row of olive trees in the garden on the side of the Museum

The excavations are continuing, including  at the entrance

The floor by the entrance is made of glass - very disconcerting to walk on, particularly as you can see the archaelogists working below: this lot were examining some finds that they had on their table

this guy on the other hand  is restoring a piece of mosaic

Moving on to one of the few remaining art nouveau houses in Athens. The government wanted to pull it down so that there would be a straight view from the Museum to the Acropolis but public outcry made them abandon this plan.

Detail: as you can see it is Art Nouveau but Athenian style

More detail

Next,  'Diogenes' lamp'

Time for lunch in the sunshine at Dioskouri which must be one of the best places in Athens, not just for the view as you can see the Observatory and Thision in the distance, but also because it has the best meze for ouzo.

A partial view of the Acropolis

The 'four winds' with the Acropolis in the background.

And then a taxi to take us home, as there is yet another public transport strike.

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