Monday 30 January 2012


It has turned very cold again and no sunshine today, it is grey and bitter - they say it will snow in the next few days. But, as it is not raining we decide to go to Faliron and spend some time in the marina there.

As we are waiting for the bus to take us to Floisvos, we can see all the little white sailing boats in the horizon

Once we get to Floisvos marina, we head straight for the longest quay where the big, massive, expensive boats are ( an example pictured) this is not like the marina where we live, this is millionnaires' row

Even though Faliron is quite a way from the city centre, you can see the Acropolis on the left and Lycavetus hill on the right.

The person in the small sailing boat is a child  - my guess is that she is around 10 years old. We see a lot of children learning how to sail in this marina and in the one near where we live

By now we are hungry and head for the area where all the shops and restaurants are.

After lunch we decide that we will walk all the way to Edem.

A pale, anaemic sun is out by now, and these seagulls are taking advantage

Ken decides to do some exploring

it is 4oC - how does she do it?

it must be 3:00, and the light is changing just as we reach Edem where we take the tram

A last look at the sea as we get off the tram before going home.

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  1. The general ambience of some of the photos makes me wonder when the apocalypse is coming, and the last one particularly suggests the mothership could appear at any moment