Friday 10 February 2012


Attilio sells handmade jewellery and ceramics and is one of my favourite shops in Glyfada.

detail from the window display

Musicians by Byronas Dimitrakoulis

Brooch by Stella Deligianni

Brooch by Leontarakis

Bracelet/cuff by Stella Deligianni

Bracelet/cuff by Stella Deligianni

Brooch by Stella Deligianni

Birds by Stella Bakatsi

Stella Bakatsi's last exhibition was featured in this blog on 14 February 2011

Bird by Stella Bakatsi

Plaque by Stella Bakatsi

Stella Bakatsi (and leaflet with her photograph)

Stella Bakatsi

Pomegranate by Sabina Vasiliadi.

and, if you decide to buy something, your purchase will be packaged beautifully.

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