Friday 17 February 2012

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?

Vasilissis Sofias Avenue was closed today. The reason? Nine school children, average age 14, who had sat down in the middle of the avenue, protesting.

Two police buses closing the road, eleven police with riot shields guarding the city against this dangerous enemy. More police on the pavements

behind the two police buses the riot police in case reinforcements were needed.

This is the madness that is Athens today.

The children called out to me asking me to take more photos, so here is one more.... They are a real danger, aren't they?


  1. Let Sporus tremble –"What? that thing of silk,
    Sporus, that mere white curd of ass's milk?
    Satire or sense, alas! can Sporus feel?
    Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?"
    Yet let me flap this bug with gilded wings, This painted child of dirt that stinks and stings;
    Whose buzz the witty and the fair annoys,
    Yet wit ne'er tastes, and beauty ne'r enjoys,

  2. Thank you for taking me back to Pope; so long since I read any of his work and it reminds me that I must re-examine him. Think he was lost on me as a student.