Friday 16 March 2012

Hidcote Garden

Hidcote Garden is an Arts and Crafts garden owned by the National Trust.

Not part of the actual garden, this tree avenue is the first thing you see as you step out of the manor house and enter the garden.

The Italian Shelter - at first glance it is difficult to distinguish what is trompe d'oeil and what is not.

I love the way the shaft of light slices through the painted wall

We spent a lovely, quiet moment here before proceeding to

the edge of the garden to admire the honesty.

There is so much of it...


The hellebores are everywhere

The garden was created by American horticulturist Major Lawrence Johnston in 1907.

The garden is divided by tall hedges and walls to create a series of outdoor 'rooms' each with its own special and unique character.


This passage is so narrow I had to lift my arms to walk through


These iris are very tiny and the colours are exquisite


as are these


The Plant House

had the most beautiful orchids


and a bush with these berries - I could not find what the bush is called. Isn't that colour amazing?

The wood on the edge of the garden

On Sunday when we visited it was a warm, sunny day and the wood looked beautiful


and the sky was the clearest blue

The Beech Alley - one of the many entrances to the garden, but the gate was locked when we visited

and then the light changed


a folly

with this amazing ceiling - it made me feel I was in Rome again


This must look stunning in the summer

More hellebores

we finally came round to where we started from, and the horse had moved.


A last look at the thatched cottages outside the garden before we left.


  1. Belle immagini - so it was the Italian shelter

  2. I think it is callicarpa... the purple berry...a beautyberry bush. But I could be wrong.