Monday 26 March 2012

Upton House Revisited

This is my fifth post on Upton House (7 March and 17 October 2011 on the garden, 17 May 2011 on the house itself and 18 May on the fantastic art deco bathroom), and it probably is a bit too much, but I love the garden there so much, that every time we go I want to make a record of it. - and anyway, so much changes with every season...

Yesterday was a beautiful day, warm and very sunny - perfect for walking and sitting outdoors.

The garden is stunning.  A lawn, with huge cedar trees, sweeps down from the house

and below is an extensive terraced garden and a large lake, the Mirror Pool, with water lillies  (not today, but later on in the year) in a small valley. The terracing is unseen from the house and on a first visit unsuspected.

The gardens were in use since the 12th century but were transformed by Kitty Lloyd-Jones in the 1920s and 30s

view from the side of the Mirror Pool, looking up towards the Ha ha, lawn and house.

Lloyd-Jones also created a rare Bog Garden on the site of Mediaeval fish ponds. We could not go in the bog garden today as it was roped off, but here is a photograph of the fish in the fish pond.

On our way to the Woodland Walk

masses of daffodils in bloom.

The Woodland Walk

all these birds'  nests on the tops of the trees

and here they are, guarding the nest.

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  1. Great picture of the rooks (??) guarding the nest