Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Hora in Andros - 2


Because it is built on a narrow peninsula the sea is never far from the Hora. It is also surrounded by hills which have villages dotted all over them.

The sea was very rough for the whole duration of our stay but it still retained its brilliant blue colour

The main church, which is right next to our hotel

As I said in the previous post the houses are beautifully restored

with careful attention to detail

and some of the houses are mansions

taking the footpath that leads to the sea

and here we are - the outrageously phallic lighthouse in the distance

a dovecote

we have now reached the bay

and the sea is raging

the spray reaching up high

I just can't help but keep posting more and more of these pictures - I think the colour of the sea is magnificent, seen against the backdrop of the white of the houses and the red of the roofs
one more - and you can see how the spray reaches right up to the house
entrance to one of the houses 
a grand house
a different view
This is next to a taverna we have used in the past (too windy and too much spray this time). The whole place is open plan and it looked wonderful one evening on our second visit to the island when we sat at the table in the picture and could see inside the house 
Up the alley 
and another one
lovely marble columns on either side of that door
and now we have reached the grand houses built into the rock with fantastic views of the bay 
massive houses - it is difficult to say how many floors this is 
and another look
this is the house of the people who have financed the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Archaeological Museum, a ship owning family
and this is the entrance to the house, built into the rock: I assume that there is a lift taking one up to the upper floors
the little church
and getting closer
one more view
another house and steps, steps
this one overlooking the bay
the main (and only) street, the rest are tiny alleyways 
another church
another mansion
views of the hills
the second hotel
a pink confection against the blue sky
and last but not least, this modernist dream
looking closer
what I could see of the entrance
another view of the tower
and another.
I can dream, can't I?

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