Thursday 1 November 2012

An afternoon in Stratford


When we go to Stratford we always start with the river walk and the star here are the weeping willows, particularly if they have been recently trimmed

The theatre looks so much better since the renovation

it's a great walk, particularly when the sun is shining

looking back

the ferry taking people across for 50p, operated by ropes from either side of the river banks

they have finished restoring the church and all the scaffolding has come down

along the path, and aren't the weeping willows fantastic?

light and shadow

more willows across the river


once we've retraced our steps we cross the bridge

and we're by the theatre - I still don't know how I feel about the new tower

walking up Sheep Street

still on Sheep Street

The High Street

one more photograph of the High Street.

Montpellier - the art gallery

bowl - Hilary Laforce

looking inside

Hilary Laforce

Sally Macdonnell

view of the back

Sally Macdonnell

Sally Macdonnell.