Tuesday, 27 November 2012

John Eaves

John Eaves at the White Room Gallery in Leamington Spa.
John Eaves is a West Country artist. His early works depicted still life and landscape: he travelled extensively studying coastlines, rock formations and vistas all over Europe and as far as Mexico. Over time his work became increasingly abstract, focusing on the interaction between colour and form. Talking about his more recent work he states:
'I now make images that run parallel to nature rather than rely on direct observations or reminiscences. Echoes and sonorities of landscape will inevitably persist'.

Open Season, 2006, oil

Orange Gift Wrap, 2005, oil

Way Out West, 2005, oil

Rough White, 2005, oil

Criss Cross, 2011, oil

Four Waves, 2012, oil

Rain, 1997, water colour collage

Playtime, 2012, water colour collage

Pink Decay, Venice, collage

Magenta Music, 2012, water colour collage

If music be...., 2012, water colour collage

Marloes detail, water colour collage

Tilt, 2012, water colour collage.


  1. You pass no judgement on his work but it seems to me to be the kind of work you find in foundation course exhibitions, experiments with colour and pattern which signify that the painter is learning about shape and form but has not yet decided how to make these into work which makes a statement of some kind.
    I have two collages by Martin Clyst in the sitting room which were his preparatory studies for later paintings (these I couldn't afford in 1980) and this work reminds me of that preparatory stage.

    1. I know what you mean Avril, but I sort of liked them - I liked the vibrancy of the colours.