Thursday 14 March 2013

Bacon and Rodin in dialogue

Bacon and Rodin in Dialogue, Movement and Gravity, at the Ordovas Gallery, Savile Row

An exhibition dedicated to the connections between Auguste Rodin and Francis Bacon. The exhibition, featuring three works from each artist suggests that a series of reclining figures by Francis Bacon were inspired by two sculptures by Rodin.

Figure Volante, Auguste Rodin

A provocative sculpture where one leg is on the ground while the other is held up tightly by the arm so that the limbs are splayed and the genitals exposed. The head and left arm are absent, reminiscent of ancient sculpture.

Lying Figure, Francis Bacon, 1959
In a similarly distressed position, lying on its back, with the legs jutting at impossible angles, Bacon's painting echoes the Rodin sculpture.

Three Studies from the Human Body, 1967 (oil on canvas)
Three gyrating, apparently weightless figures on a black expanse: one young male figure hanging from a pole, another curls into a ball, a third older figure sits towards us, one of his legs in plaster.
This canvas has not been exhibited for 40 years and has not been shown in this country before. I couldn't see any resemblance with any of the Rodin figures, though.

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