Wednesday 20 November 2013



One of the excitements of going to Charlecote Park is that we might get the chance to see the deer. We were lucky this time.

We came across these three early on during our visit

and I tried to follow them, but it's very difficult as they are very shy.

This one sat in splendid isolation for quite a while and then he got up and joined the other three


I did manage to get quite close though


and I was quite pleased about that.


This lot were in a different section of the park in an enclosure. We could not get close as the river separated us, but I zoomed in on them.

Always a pleasure.


  1. A pleasure to look at, but not such fun when they eat all my newly planted beans, chard, beetroot, etc, all the leaves of roses so that they die, and the complete buds of tulips!

    1. Oh dear! My first thought was isn't Olga lucky to have deer so near where she lives, but of course, you are right. It must be so frustrating. Is there nothing you can do?

      We have squirrels and one year we bought 150 tulip bulbs from Amsterdam. The first year the garden looked fantastic - by year three, there were no tulips left. So, I do sympathize.

  2. Our back garden is part of a larger wetland area which includes several houses. We all have various fences but the deer still manage to get through, we are not sure how. These days we have three young ones which come visiting. They are lovely, and I would not mind at all, if it was not for the inappropriate munching!
    By the way, most tulips do not last very long anyway as plants. If you want to keep them you have to dig them up every year to keep the bulbs dry. There are exceptions like the miniatures, and of course if you plant them on free draining gravelly ground they sometimes last more than a couple of years.

    1. I'm sorry Olga, but I'll have to say that it all sounds rather idyllic and I am extremely envious - inappropriate munching notwithstanding. I can understand the frustration though.

      Ah! So, now I know about tulips. We assumed it was the squirrels. As I am sure you can deduce from this I am no gardener, and neither is Ken. We just keep things tidy but admire other people's gardens.