Friday 8 November 2013

Edmund de Waal in Leamington Gallery

Porcelain Vessels, Edmund de Waal, 2009.

An installation of 11 long, thin vessels, 10 white and one yellow with cream and white glazes.
Leamington Art Gallery own one more installation by Edmund de Waal which you can see here


  1. I do so love Edmund de Waal's work. I especially like the mix with the coloured ones in these two pieces.

    1. I love his work too - these glazes, all slightly different hues, the fragility of the porcelain. And those installations of his!

      There was an exhibition of his work in the Leamington Gallery a few years ago, and the installations were stunning. But what was even better, is that there was a number of vessels that we were allowed to touch, handle, and move so that we could create our own installation - I loved that.

    2. He is such an interesting man to chat with too. My husband and I met him first many years ago at Art in Action near Oxford. He was in the ceramics demonstration tent. We then also were able to talk with him briefly at the first Connect at the V&A.
      I love the idea of being able to handle ceramics. There was a 'make your own arrangement' piece at Roche Court when we saw his exhibition there.
      Today I popped into the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham to pick up the latest Craft Arts International magazine, and was admiring Peter Beard's work. I would very much like to have a piece of his one day.

    3. Funny you should mention Peter Beard - I feel some kind of connection because he lives very near us. I admire his work, but that is all - it does not speak to me, there is no gut reaction there, no emotional response, it leaves me totally cold. Funny, isn't it?

      I saw one of de Waal's installations at Roche Court, so assumed he'd had an exhibition there. Isn't Roche Court a wonderful place? I think very fondly of our visit there. I went to a Hubert Dalwood exhibition at Warwick and while I was researching his work, came across Roche Court and fell in love with pictures of the new, modern gallery space, and just had to go there. So, we went to Wiltshire and to Roche Court.

    4. Olga, I meant to ask: have you read The Hare with Amber Eyes? De Waal, is so talented, it shout not be allowed....

  2. Yes, I have read The Hare with Amber Eyes, and found it a marvellous book. De Waal writes so well about such a tale of history it seems almost to be fiction.