Thursday 15 May 2014

Upton House on a grey day

Last Sunday was a grey, overcast, bleak day and with our fingers crossed, hoping for no rain, we went to Upton House. Upton House is one of my favourite National Trust properties. I love the gardens, and I adore the Art Deco bathroom that you can see here.

The wisteria was in its full glory - it looks so good against the Cotswold stone

The Main Lawn

the Main Lawn again - the line where the trees are is where the Ha Ha is: one of the main reasons why these gardens are so special

on the edge of the Ha Ha, looking down at the Aster Border, the Kitchen Garden and the Mirror Pool

the Main Lawn still


and looking down at the smaller lake next to the Bog Garden


We then took the path that leads to the Mirror Pool


the rhododendrons are in full bloom

and then we came upon this tree with all the white bits hanging off the branches - never seen anything like it

we had a closer look and discovered that they are flowers with berry-type things in the middle


one more photograph - very beautiful


We then reached the mirror pool - some reflections but it was windy so nothing as spectacular as it sometimes is

You can see the people standing on top of the Ha Ha on the edge of the Big Lawn at the top of the picture

loads of grasses growing in the water


a closer look

and again

the steps that lead up to the Main Lawn


The pond by the Bog Garden

big, fat, golden fish


and again

the little bridge over the stream that leads to the Bog Garden

a small pond in the Bog Garden


very beautiful and tranquil


and one more photograph.

We then did something we have never done before. We joined a tour to walk through the Blackwell Woods which are open to the public twice a year: in the spring for the bluebells and in the autumn for the fungi.

All English bluebells

and they were spectacular


I love walking through woods


but when the path is surrounded by bluebells I am in ecstasy


there is nothing like the blue of a carpet of bluebells


and the scent is heavenly


Too many photographs? I'm afraid so, I just can't help it


I hate going round in a tour - but there were only seven of us, so that was not too bad


isn't that blue heavenly?


A wild cherry


you can tell by the rings around the trunk


A view of the garden of the house through the trees


and a last look at the wondrous bluebells.



  1. What a lovely garden, Eirene. I think your tree is a dogwood commonly known as a Handkerchief tree: That is certainly a splendid example.
    From your lovely photos in that beautiful wood, you wouldn't think that it was a particularly grey day!

    1. Handkerchief tree! Of course. How sensible! It's lovely and it's the first time I've seen one - but I have to say, even though I love gardens and country walks, I don't know the names of things. I keep telling myself I will make an effort and remedy the situation, but never do. But, I know the dogwood tree now.

      The garden is wonderful Olga, by far my favourite of all the NT properties in our area, and it was such a pleasure having the opportunity to walk in the wood.