Sunday 4 May 2014


The main purpose of our trip to Whitby was for the Goth festival which was great fun. 

Fantastic views of the moors on our way


and a very different view from the garden of our hotel in Sleights. We tried to get rooms in Whitby but even though we booked two months in advance, everything was fully booked. The Goth weekend is a popular event indeed.

We loved the town and despite the fact that it was grey and overcast,  we enjoyed our time there


Whitby is divided into two by the river Esk, the swing bridge connecting the two parts of the town.


The Angel Hotel, a classic Art Deco building, reminiscent of an ocean liner

We spent quite a long time in the old town, not just because it's picturesque, but also because this was the place to do some people watching which was after all the main purpose of our trip


lovely narrow lanes

the Old Town Hall on the left


the whole place was packed 

the steps that lead up to the Abbey afford good views of the town and of the two Grade II listed East and West piers


as well as the spectacle of the Goth weekend
the ruins of the Abbey at the top of East Cliff - moody and atmospheric

the Broad Inn, at the steps that lead up to the Abbey where I stopped for a drink

crossing the bridge that connects the two parts of the town

we thought this might the Captain Cook tour boat

the steam bus was busy the whole weekend


a walk on the pier was an imperative


grey skies, grey seas


the ruins of the Abbey and St Mary's church looked good from the pier


the Georgian buildings on West Cliff built when Whitby developed as a spa town


the whalebone arch on West Cliff

West Cliff provides the best views of East Cliff, the ruins of the Abbey and St Mary's church. Lots of people going up the steps to the Abbey - the Goths' main destination.



  1. Eirene, I agree with you about your Berlin goths - I much prefer those who have their dress as a complete lifestyle, and not the dressing up box approach that the current folks at Whitby seem to have.
    You obviously enjoyed yourself, though.

    1. We did, Olga, we had a wonderful weekend. We went with Ken's family and this was part of the pleasure too.