Sunday 30 November 2014

Manchester Christmas Markets

One of the delights of our visit to Manchester was wandering around the Christmas markets which are the biggest I have ever seen. They spread across the city centre, starting from Albert Square, to Brazennose Street, King Street, St Ann's Square, Exchange Street, Market Street, Cathedral Street, Cathedral Gardens, Corporation Street, and Exchange Square. There are over 300 stalls.

The main market is situated in Albert Square, overseen by a gigantic glittering Santa

which dominates the whole square. 

There are over 300 stalls selling jewellery, clothes, crafts, food

which includes tons of garlic,

mountains of sausages,

brandy snaps, cakes, waffles and pancakes

hot meals, particularly in the German stalls

lots of Santas
a beer hall. All glasses and mugs are returnable as part of an environmentally-friendly deposit scheme
which is brilliant.

We visited on the 14th of November, the first day the market opened, and even so found it very busy. The stalls on the rest of the venues were easier to access

St Anne's Square was a pleasant venue



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