Thursday 9 April 2015

Doors and windows

I love the doors and windows of traditional houses and Galaxidi has some real beauties. So, here's a selection of some of the ones I photographed.

This house has not been restored, but is in not too bad a state.


I love the door and the brick detail above.

Lovely wooden shutters

and the garden gate.

Beautiful stonework, wonky steps, simple door and lovely ironwork on top.

Similar in style but more elaborate

Similar brickwork on top of this window, loved the hinges

'Less is more', definitely applies here

Wonky steps again, the ironwork so attractive in its simplicity


This gate is modern

the cats on either side on the posts are very unusual

 looking closer

Same style as the previous ones, but this house has been recently restored

window of the same house.


Elaborate plaster work in this much more prosperous house, a hotel now

I liked the simplicity of this plasterwork

looking closer

I also find the ironwork of some balconies very pleasing

decoration beneath a balcony is unusual.