Sunday 26 April 2015

Martin Creed - Like Water at a Buffet

Like Water at a Buffet, Martin Creed Residency at Kappatos Gallery, Monastiraki, Athens.

Winner of the Turner Prize and recognised for his personal perception and conceptual approach to sculpture, painting, fashion and the different materials used in his work, Creed investigates the way in which the mapping of one structure, originally composed in one medium (drawing, painting), is mapped into another structure in another medium (dance) and vice versa. (text taken from here )

Everyone's trying to get what they want,
Like water seeping through
Parts of me come true,
Like water seeping through
(from a song written by Martin Creed)


(image taken from here )

Three dancers were directed by Creed as they created paintings with their feet.



Creed adopts a childlike, simple method in his painting.

I want to lead a simple life,
I do not want to do what I say,
I want to lead a simple life,
I do not want to slave to me
(from one of Creed's songs)


Understanding in neon

He stresses the importance of feelings and the need for communication

I watched an interview with Martin Creed on Greek television where he talked about this exhibition. 'Thinking is easy - what's difficult is making sense of one's feelings...  Thinking is a desperate attempt to control feelings and forces beyond our control...

Living is a matter of getting to accept yourself'.

portrait of Dennis Roussos



Portrait of Maria Callas

Portrait of Aliki Vougiouklaki
The gallery assistant told us that Creed wanted to create the portraits of artists that the Greek people are fond of and admire. A shortlist of 30 was drawn up and then four were chosen. Creed did not want to see photographs - he painted the faces following the description of his assistant, Rob Eagle who had access to photographs. The only exception was Demis Roussos as Martin Creed is a great fan of the artist, so knows what he looks like.


  1. I am usually made to feel uneasy by Creed's work, in that I am never sure whether he is just having a great laugh at us all. I certainly never feel engaged with it.

    1. Haha! Very astute and I can't say that I disagree with you. The exhibition left me cold but I do have this thing about recording things I have seen and done. I did however, find I could not be bothered doing this post: the photographs sat in my drafts folder for days, and today I thought this is ridiculous, so I wrote a few words and just published. Done.