Tuesday 22 September 2015

Livadi in Serifos

Our first visit to Serifos five years ago was based on the recommendation of a woman I know who said to me that 'Serifos is paradise on earth'. That seemed like an excellent recommendation to me so we decided to go and that was exactly how we experienced the island. We just loved it. We were interested to see how we would feel this time round, and I have to say, it was exactly the same. The fact that both of our visits were in September also helped, as most tourists had left and it was extremely quiet. There is so much to Serifos that makes it very special.

First of all, the wonderful Hora, the village on top of the rugged hill that spills down its sides. The white of the houses is blinding, providing a contrast to the ochre, honey colour of the hill. It's the first thing you see when you come off the boat and it takes your breath away.

We stayed in Livadi the town around the harbour and that is wonderful too. It's a modern settlement whose architecture does not have the appeal of Hora,

but the large bay in which it's situated is very beautiful

- it's an endless expanse of beach and sand.

Lots of boats are moored all around

that give it a picturesque feel

the sunsets

are stunning

and during that time the hills across the bay take on a rosy hue

while at night the lights sparkle and reflect in the water.

What makes Livadi really special is the fact, that mindful not to upset the balance of the eco-system, the inhabitants have not poured concrete all over the front as happens in most seaside towns and villages,

but have instead, left the sand alone, as it should be.

We would sit for our pre-dinner aperitifs or for our mid-day or evening meal right on the sand by the sea - as you can see in this photograph Ken's feet could almost reach the water if stretched.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful that is.

Most of the village is like this. You can see here, my glass of ouzo, right by the sea.

And it does not matter where you are in Livadi, all you have to do is look up, to the right, or behind you, and there is the Hora, perched on the hill above.

While at night, the lights of the Hora twinkle in the distance and it feels like they're the stars.

The fine sand is the colour of the hills, ochre, honey, mellow

We were able to feed the fish while we had our meal without moving at all

and at night it all turned to magic

and the boats were reflected in the calm sea.

According to Greek mythology, Serifos is where Danae and her infant son Perseus washed ashore after her father Acrisius, in response to an oracle that his own grandson would kill him, set them adrift at sea in a wooden chest. When Perseus returned to Serifos with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, he turned Polydektes, the king of Serifos and his retainers into stone as punishment for the king's attempt to marry his mother by force.



The bigger boats are moored by the quay - you can see the lights of the Hora on the upper left side

This cute little church was on our way to the apartment we were renting

its front is equally sweet

we had a look inside

and liked the dome

this plaque is by the entrance


This other little church is by the quay (the only part of the water front that is concreted and slabbed) is too big to be a shrine and too small to be a church - you take your pick


Sorting out the fishing nets after fishing.

Finally, a last look at gorgeous Hora as evening sets in and the lights are being turned on.

It is magic!



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    1. Stunning, aren't they? I just felt so lucky to be able to be in the midst of so much beauty for six days.