Sunday 27 September 2015

Things we did in Serifos

We stayed in Astarti while we were in Livadi, Serifos. We had one of these two apartments on the ground floor: large bedroom, much larger sitting room and kitchen, very clean, and with a terrace at the front where we had breakfast. At 40 euros a night it was probably the best bargain we've ever had.

Our host recommended we go to Livadakia for swimming. It was a two minute walk from the apartment, so we took the path through these bamboos to explore. Bamboos are very common in Serifos, and they provide most of the available green on the island. In fact, Serifos means the 'barren' one, and it certainly is.

The beach looked gorgeous

and it seemed to go on for ever. We decided not to swim there however: I need shade and we are also used to having loungers - we like organised beaches.

We walked in the opposite direction, through the village,


along this seemingly endless beach

and settled here - the same place we used for swimming last time we were in Serifos - very few umbrellas, even fewer people, it was bliss.

the views were gorgeous.

At around 7:30 in the evening we would go to Karnagio, a bar. The owner is a very pleasant guy who really knows his music and play it he did. Classical music during the day, jazz in the early evening and then he would crescendo with music from the 60s and 70s with an emphasis on Pink Floyd, but no Dylan. We loved the music as much as we did

sitting right on the edge of the seafront, on the sand,  just centimetres away from the sea.

The views were breathtaking. These two ducks kept us company most of the time

Our waitress was extremely efficient and friendly, the ouzo plentiful, and the meze delicious.

We would stay here until it got dark

For our meals we favoured Takis which is next door to Karnagio so we didn't have to walk far - the food was excellent and the service outstanding

We always sat right next to the sea

we enjoyed the views


and fed the fish

This cat had other ideas though: she would wait on the edge of the water and would catch the fish - our waiter told us that she had her babies behind the restaurant and would bring them some of the fish she had caught

The evening when we visited the Hora but decided not to stay because it was so windy we came down to Livadi and had our meal at Takis again, but this time we sat at the terrace in front of the restaurant - it was too windy to sit by the sea. That was very nice too.

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