Monday 2 November 2015

Autumn at Baddesley Clinton


Baddesley Clinton is one of our favourite National Trust houses

mainly because of the moat.

This is the best view of the house, and the reflection in the water is always good, regardless of the weather or the stillness of the water.


The houses don't interest us that much, but we love to walk around the grounds and the gardens. This small pond is where our walk always starts

and this is the view from the small bridge over this stream.

The main lake


with lots of fallen leaves on the surface of the water at this time of year.


We took the path that winds around the lake


and when we came full circle, a different view of the house.

The vegetable garden featured quite a few scarecrows


'Your time is up! There is nothing you can... Oooo, is that chocolate?' read the sign for this scarecrow

 'Top tip: To survive a zombie attack run faster than the person next to you!'

'Eye of newt, wing of bat, leg of fro... Let's just phone for a pizza'.

A few lone red poppies in the middle of the vegetable garden

on the right hand side of this poppy you can see the bee about to land


and a few seconds later, it had landed on the bottom poppy


'Just a little off the top please'

'Nothing to see here, move along!'


 'Due to late payments to the Ghost Council these premises have been repossessed! Kind regards, Casper, Head of friendly repossessions'.

'Dizzy Dora has found her flying lessons can sometimes be painful!'

We then walked along the pampas grass avenue

and reached the garden at the back of the house - the dahlias were still going strong


a different view of the house and the moat from here

the ducks loved the windfalls


Having walked all around the grounds we left Baddesley Clinton and took the path

that leads to St Michael's church.

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