Saturday 7 November 2015

Blenheim Palace

I wasn't going to do another post on Blenheim Palace as I have written quite a few times about the place, but our walk in the grounds last week was so lovely, that I find myself doing another post. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day, in total contrast to the weather we are having today: rain, wind - a real storm.

Last Sunday started with thick fog. By the time we arrived at Blenheim the fog had cleared except for some patches on the lake

resulting in a magical, dreamy atmosphere.

There were quite a few boats on the lake, something we had not seen before. I became quite obsessed with them - the whole scene reminded me of a film by Werner Herzog I saw years ago in my University days. I can't remember what the film is called, but the feelings it brought out in me have remained with me ever since.

We walked along the path, the lake on our right, the sun rays filtering through the trees

Like I said, I became quite obsessed with the boats


Everything was very still

and the resulting reflections on the water were magic

it was like being in a fairy tale

I wanted to be in one of these boats

We eventually reached the cascade

and the views were beautiful from that spot.


Wonderful autumn colours

A new sculpture on the grounds, but I could not find any information about it.

And the figures of the people were dwarfed by the ancient trees.



  1. Getting to know a park like this is a lovely cumulative experience as the seasons and the weathers differ. I think that familiarity can breed content more than it breeds contempt.

    Werner Herzog's visuals and stories can have that effect - as does Italo Calvino's imagination.

    1. I agree Olga. I walk in the same parks in our town most days and never tire of it - there's always something new, something changed and I love that: seeing how a known, familiar landscape changes according to the seasons and the weather. It's pure, simple joy.