Friday 22 January 2016



Elles - Women Artists at the Fryssiras Museum, Athens.

An all female exhibition showcasing artists from the museum's considerable collection.

Tsakali, Anna Maria, Phillipos (oil on canvas)

Tsakali, Anna Maria, The Faucets in the Studio in Paris (mixed media on canvas)

Rego, Paul, Getting Ready for the Ball (triptych) (from the Jane Eyre Series) (lithograph)

I was disappointed that there was only one of Rego's works exhibited, as I know that the Fryssiras Foundation own a considerable number of this iconic artist's works.

Zamboura, Marilena, Untitled (mixed media)

Katsoulidi, Marianna, Dancing to the end of war, (oil on canvas)

Baillon, Agnes, Untitled (bronze)

Katraki, Vasso, Untitled (engraving)

Gonou, Eirini, Dryad 1, (mixed media)

The museum is an extraordinary place and while taking photographs of the exhibits I was also taking pictures of the space. You can find out more about the museum here


Lampe, Katinka, Untitled (oil on canvas)

Kastori, Kalle, The Green Coat, (oil on canvas)

Kastori, Kalle, Homeless (oil on canvas)

Georgiopoulou, Vicky, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (acrylic on canvas)

Kapezanou, Stella, Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe, (oil on canvas)

Another photograph of the atrium in the middle of the museum space which used to be a courtyard - it looks a bit like an Escher lithograph, does it not?

Baillon, Agnes, Untitled (bronze)

a different view

The light from the glass roof makes everything turn blue in this part of the space


Michailou, Eleni, I am Losing my Senses I-VII, (acrylic spray on paper)

Litti, Aphrodite, The Fountain of Life, (bronze, stainless metal and mosaic Murano)

Krystalla,Aspasia, Naturlish II, (ink on paper)

Chrisochoou, Sissy, Face to Face, (mixed media)


Vishaki, Marilitsa, Beggar (oil on canvas)

Xafopoulou, Alexia, Blue I, II, III, IV, (acrylic on canvas)

Calbari, Christina, Reading, (watercolour and pencil on paper)

Djurdjevic, Biljana, Invisible, (oil on canvas)

Vlahaki, Marilitsa, Untitled (Nude), (oil on canvas)

Kassi, Marigo, Tightrope, (oil on canvas)

Filopoulou, Maria, Swimmers, (oil on canvas)

Baillon, Agnes, Head (resin)

From a different angle

Baillon, Agnes, Untitled (bronze)

Russell, Victoria, Victoria Park, (oil on canvas)

Michali, Olivia, (oil on canvas)

Michali, Olivia, (oil on canvas)

Mytara, Harikleia, Still Life, (oil on canvas)

Kafida, Ioanna, Self-Portrait, 2011

Kafida, Ioanna, Self-Portrait, 2011

Briskola, Soula, Mother Knitting, (oil on canvas)

Shi Xiang, Marie, (oil on canvas)

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