Sunday 31 January 2016

Listening to jazz at the Acropolis Museum

Stratonos Street was unusually quiet the evening we went to the Acropolis Museum restaurant to listen to some jazz.


The museum was beautifully lit and looked very inviting

We turned left into Dionysiou Aeropagitou

stopped to look at the Acropolis on our right, also beautifully lit up

and then we walked down the steps towards the main entrance of the museum.


The restaurant was relatively empty when we arrived as most people had not arrived yet

The view from our table: the Acropolis and the reflected restaurant lights fusing together


The food was very good and the music was pleasant

The restaurant looked inviting from the terrace

when I went out to have a better look at the Acropolis

the Erechtheion looked at its best

as did the Philoppapou monument on the hill in the distance.

As we were leaving we admired the olive branch display in the foyer

looked at the Archaic gallery from above


and stopped to have a last look at the ongoing excavations at the entrance of the museum before heading for home.


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