Thursday 4 February 2016

Another pleasant walk around Athens

We started from Makriyanni, by the columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus and walked all the way up Dionysious Aeropagitou pedestrianised road

This is one of the few remaining Art Nouveau buildings in Athens. It's gorgeous. It's next to the Acropolis Museum and when the museum was built the authorities wanted to demolish the house as they felt it blocked the view from the museum restaurant. There was public outcry against this short-sighted decision and fortunately, the building survived.

The two mosaics on either side of the top balcony are gorgeous

as are the two relief sculptures on either side of the front door


the one on the left

and the one on the right.

This modernist building is one of my favourites

and I particularly like the steps that lead to the imposing front door.


Dionysou Aeropagitou is one of the most prestigious streets in the city, as all the houses face the Acropolis and Irodou Attikou, the Roman amphitheatre

you can see both in this photograph.

It's a very pleasant walk, circling around the Acropolis


yesterday was a gorgeous day, perfect for a spot of sunbathing.

The symmetry of this neo-classical house is wonderful


Dionyssou Aeropagitou leads to Apostolou Paulou - another neo-classical building here that has survived the developers.

At this stage we made a detour through this lovely little park

to Eptachalkou Street to visit the Berniers Eliades gallery

the exhibition I wanted to see had unfortunately ended. The movers were in the process of bringing in the next exhibition

We admired this neo-classical building

asked a passer-by about this little church perched on the rock and found out that it opens for only two days a year


We got a good view of the Acropolis when we retraced our steps and joined Apostolou Pavlou again

turned right and had lunch at Kuzina where we were joined by my sister and brother-in-law

After lunch we walked along Adrianou Street towards Kerameikos

walked over the bridge

Lykabettous Hill looked golden in the afternoon sun


zooming in

while behind us the chimneys in Gazi seemed to reach up to the sky.


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