Friday 19 February 2016

Winter exhibition

Winter Exhibition at the Stour Gallery in Shipston-on-Stour
I visited the gallery last Tuesday as their ceramics collection is one of the best in our area but there were some other very nice surprises this time, particularly the work of Belinda Durrant, but this will be the subject of a separate post.

Horse and Rider, Janis Ridley

James Campbell, The General's Bridge, (watercolour)

Peter Wills:

I love the intricacy of Wills' bowls, and it was lovely to have the pleasure of seeing some of his work twice in one week.

'Inspiration for me comes from simple things: pots from ancient China to modern Europe; the looseness, freedom and life of Bizen wares; the wonderful colours, textures and forms of Lucie Rie's work; the inverted profile of a hat; a blackbird singing outside my bedroom window. I work in a small studio using English porcelain blend from Valentine clays... I aim for balanced form, attention to detail and life. I would love the ability to produce pots of a calibre that would make people catch their breath. But for now, if I can occasionally stir the heart I'll be content'.

John Pickering:

White Fence, (acrylic on prepared panel)

Durness (acrylic on canvas)

Watching Tower (acrylic on canvas)

                                                                      *   *   *

Christopher Marvell, Angel (bronze)

Claire Conrad:



  1. Thank you for showing us these. My own especial favourite is the Christopher Marvell Angel - so thanks for the introduction to him.

    1. The Angel is lovely. I had not come across Marvell's work before, but having googled him I would like to see more of his sculptures, particularly the human figures. I also like the design of his website - it's different.