Friday 15 July 2016



It had been a while since I last visited Antonello so when I finally did last week it was a real delight, as always

The main window

View of the window from inside


the smaller window

on the floor

the main display as you walk in

this part of the shop is always dedicated to orchids

they must have found these in a junk shop - I am sure that at some stage they'll make good use of them

right at the back





  1. The elegance here reminds me that I went into Sarah Horne's last week to ask for some blue florist's ribbon that I wanted to make some decorations for the blue party here. The woman behind the counter looked at me with scorn, "Florist ribbon, you mean the synthetic ribbon...oh no, we don't use THAT here." Pointing to the elegant piles of raffia behind her!

    1. Very hoity toity: they are a bit odd in that shop though, sometimes very polite and at others like the reaction you got. I hope you found your ribbon. In the old days, Woodwards fulfilled all such needs.