Friday 22 July 2016

Young Greek Photographers

Young Greek Photographers at the Benaki Museum, Pireos Street, Athens.

Katerina Tsakiri - Family Affair
'Family affair is an attempt to portray female stereotypes in Greek society. These images are the product of my childhood experiences. I returned to the house where I spent the first years of my life recalling memories in an effort to understand the formation of my identity through a symbolic mirror. My eyes are closed so as to inhabit the space where these memories exist and were (re)born'.

Chloe Kritharas-Devienne: 

'These pictures are part of a project that deals with the refugee crisis. Most of them are portraits that I took during their journey through Greece and during their stay in various camps, in which I worked as a volunteer. My goal was to focus on people's faces in peaceful moments and to approach them with respect and kindness. As time passed by, through trust and understanding, I got closer to them. It was important to hear their stories and to learn as much as I could about their journey. I also wanted to avoid capturing them in moments of misery and I preferred to emphasise their optimism, even when the circumstances would not allow them to be optimistic. And although the word refugee is frequently used to refer to a mass of people moving through Europe, as if they have no individual characteristics, every one of them is a unique person with their own dreams for the future'.


Giannis Papanikos:

'2015 will be remembered as the year of the peak of the refugee crisis. I was asked to manage the migration flow coming from the Middle East and Asia. People streamed to the small border village of Idomeni, trying to pass through a two metre gap in the territory of FYROM so as to continue to their final destination, Northern Europe. These images describe the situation that prevailed in Idomeni when the European Union decided to put a limit to the flow of refugees'.

Maria Mavropoulou:

'The crisis consists precisely because the old is dying and the new cannot be born. In this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear'. Antonio Gransci.
'In this stagnant space, in this gap between eras, familiar Greek landscapes look bizarre, cut off from the real world... The horizon is hidden behind thick fog preventing us to see what's yet to come. Empty highways, solar panels, rotten watermelons and torn flags seem stuck in an intermediate state, portraying the current situation like distorted symbols of a bygone era'.


Io Chariava:

Fani Bitou, (part of the Penelope installation  (2013):


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