Sunday 9 October 2016

Remains of a Summer Bliss, Bill Balaskas

at Kalfayan Galleries, Athens.

In this body of work Balaskas invites the audience to experience the end of summer as a metaphor for the present.  What constitutes 'bliss' in the current conjuncture?  The artist investigates what remains from an old world that appears to be dying, and what has to be done in order to build a new one. In contradiction to the dominant paradigm that proclaims that ignorance is bliss, Balaskas invites us to confront the reality of today.

Blanket, 2016, (photograph printed on polyester blanket)

Vacuum Bag, 2016, (paper bag, vacuum bag)

Warfare, 2016 (Che Guevara's  'Guerilla Warfare', acrylic, wood, mirror)

Megaphone (Cicadas), 2016, (sound installation: megaphone, USB flash drive with mpe3 file)

Amaurot, 2016, (Amaurot: capital city of 'Utopia' (1516) by Thomas Moore) (neon)

View-Master, 2016,

(visitors are invited to use the View-Master)

Planet, 2016, (axis of illuminated globe)

Pandora, 2016, (carton box, inflatable armband, styforoam packing, commemorative EU postage stamps)

looking inside.

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