Friday 7 October 2016


Substratum at Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens.

An exhibition of sculpture and painting by Despina Flessa and Dimitris Efeoglou. The exploration of materials is the theme of this exhibition.

Despina Flessa:

Remains, (graphite on clay)

looking closer


Fold, (graphite on paper)

Landscape Tableaux, (graphite on wood)

Mining, (graphite on paper - print)

Folding Landscape, (graphite on paper - print)

Untitled, (graphite on paper - print)

Dimitris Efeoglou:

Untitled, from the series Sonance-from Cycle to Cycle, (acrylic on paper)

looking closer

Untitled V, from the series Sonance-Momentum, (graphite on paper)

Untitled I, from the series Facsimile, (ink, spray, paper)

Untitled II, from the series Facsimile, (ink, spray, paper)

Finally, because this is a wonderful gallery, I took a photograph of the small room they use for meetings

a closer look at the courtyard that features a sculpture by Yannis Moralis

going up the stairs

the lighting on the stairs.


  1. This gallery is exactly the kind of space I'd love to live in in the middle of a city - with a flat roof too, of course.
    The materials are fantastic, and so seductive, ... but my mind never got beyond those materials and their qualities. Beautiful, however.

  2. It's a wonderful space, Olga, and every time we visit I admire at the space as much as the exhibits. As for the exhibition, I agree - the materials and the way they have been used, dominate. I really enjoyed it all.