Friday 3 February 2017

A walk by the sea in Palaion Faliron

We've had a lot of rain in Athens recently so when the sun comes out we take advantage and go for walks by the sea. Last Sunday we decided to walk the length of Palaio Faliro. We took the tram to Edem and then walked along the promenade by the sea.

Beats watching television screens in the gym! These outdoor gyms are very popular and quite a few are dotted around the Southern suburbs.

Strong sunlight, silver sea, palm trees

and the ubiquitous winter swimmer.

We enjoyed this walk

There are quite a few sculptures on this stretch

Watching the chess players

One of my favourite spots with lots of benches for sea watching

An old-fashioned ice-cream cart

a closer look.

This submarine was installed here very recently to commemorate those who fell during WWII

After quite a while we reached the Floisvos marina

It was a Sunday so lots of people were enjoying the sunshine

or having coffee in the cafeterias

the yachts here are big and luxurious.

After sitting on a bench for a while we retraced our steps and headed back home.

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