Sunday 26 February 2017


'Do not impose a meaning, expose it instead'.

 Ignoramus, by Helmut Stallaerts, at Berniers/Eliades Gallery, Athens,

which is across the road from this delightful little church. (I just had to include this).

The human figures of the Belgian artist are blurred, enigmatic, alienated. We can't quite make sense of them.

'In my view what counts most in a work is the power of the image and the fact that it reveals its meaning', he says of his work.

'We are constantly told that we are unique. I think individuality is a neoliberal concept that is sold to us to keep us disconnected from each other. I am more inclined to believe that we are part of a whole, that we are very similar'.

Dissolution, 2016, (oil, beeswax on canvas)

 Lucy, 2016, (oil, beeswax, on skull, funnel and metal)

Roots, 2015-16, (oil and beeswax on paper)

Wall 5 Meo DMT, 2016, (inkjet print)

Antoine T.E., 2016-17, (metal, animal bones, mirror, oil and beeswax)

Cave, 2016, (oil, beeswax, cow bladder)

Wall Codeine - You Got Me into this Mess so You Get Me Out, 2016-17, (inkjet printing)

A Difficult Incarnation, 2016, (oil and beeswax)

Ignoramus, 2016, (oil and beeswax on canvas)

Young Death, 2016