Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ceramics at the Stour Gallery

Another great exhibition at the Stour Gallery. I am going to cover some of the exhibits in two posts as there was so much I liked.

Jane Perryman:

These pieces are double-walled and hollow, using coiling, press moulding and slabbing techniques. The clay is a mixture of porcelain and stone ware, and surfaces burnished and bisque fired, sanded and refined, followed by smoke firing in a sagger with various resists and combustibles. Pieces are fired to 840oC and then sanded and re-fired to 1050oC.

Lara Scobie:

These pieces are slip-cast in parian clay. 'The theme of balance is a constant, significantly underlining my current work in which ideas of dynamic interplay between form and surface develop. By integrating drawing, surface mark making and volume I play with the balance of space and pattern alongside hue and texture on both the decorated and void surface areas. For me it is the balance between composition and form, absence and presence, that offers some of the most exciting opportunities for expressing my creative voice'.


  1. Oooh, delightful! I could happily own each and every one of the Jane Perryman pieces. I am a fan of her work. I am also completely bowled over by your seventh photo - Lara Scobie's elegantly pure, seeming cool white cylinder with a simple line around and that punch of sumptuous gold interior! Wow! Thanks for showing us that.
    Any of the Perryman pieces would fit in fine with our interior; but I would have completely to redecorate, re-accessorise - maybe even change house - to include the Scobie and do it justice. Seeing it however, has reminded me of one of the aspects of things which intrigue me: surprises and contrasts between inside and outside. My first experience of this remains vivid as the day it occurred to me: I was four and watched my aunt cutting open a water melon. Apparently after that I was frequently heard to state "Ego protimo to karpousi".

  2. What a wonderful story! No wonder you reacted like this though. Even after all these years when I see a cut watermelon in the market the contrast of colours delights.

    I love Lara Scobie's pots. I was given three of her jugs for Christmas last year and I treasure them. As for the one you liked, I have my eyes on it as it was my favourite too. Next week is the Oxford Ceramics Fair and I hope that there will be one like it, and preferably cheaper than at the gallery. I would love to own one.

    Jane Perryman is a new artist to me, but like you, I like her work.