Monday 23 October 2017

Harcourt Arboretum

I had always wanted to visit the Arboretum in Oxford, and last weekend, when we were visiting family, my wish was fulfilled.

It was a good day for walking. The trees are impressive, and we had a very pleasant walk.

The heady perfume of this incense cedar was overwhelming. I did not want to move away.

We started walking along the aster avenue and the colours at this time of year were wonderful

Lots of fungi about

Some very tall, mature trees here

The mahogany-coloured bark of this Tibetan cherry was a pleasure to behold. I had seen one before at Blenheim Palace, which is also near Oxford

looking closer

We moved on and eventually got to


to the pig pen where we saw the sow and her seven piglets.

Too sweet for words....

A hazel coppice

led to this structure

where a peacock stood on the table

Intricate branch formations

and then we reached the lime wood.

which lead to the meadows.


We then came across three peacocks. We were intrigued by the white one and could not decide whether it was an albino or whether the young are normally white.

Having looked it up I have learnt that even though people tend to assume that white ones are albinos, this is not the case. The colour is due to a genetic mutation that causes loss of pigmentation and is called leucism. However, the eyes are not red as is the case with albinos.


The stack of red cedar was fabulous

so many colours and hues


while the sawdust was bright red.

Ken decided to try out

this seat.

Lots of mushrooms in the meadow - I was told that this one might be poisonous

whilst these flat caps are edible

there were loads of those

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