Thursday 18 January 2018

Memories - Julia Dimakopoulou

Memories - Julia Dimakopoulou at the Institute of Greek Contemporary Art, Athens.

Dimakopoulou was one of the founders of  New Forms, one of the most influential galleries of contemporary art in Athens. She was the gallery's director until 2009. Running the gallery took up most of her time and it's only in the last few years that she has been able to fully concentrate on her painting. Another fact about Dimakopoulou is that she does not like exhibiting so this exhibition is against the norm.


  1. I especially like the trees and the women - are the latter self portraits?

  2. The women are my favourites too. I don't know if they are self portraits even though I wondered that too. I tried to find out more about Dimakopoulou but there is very little information on her art but lots on her role as director of Nees Morfes. I was able to find out that 1999 was the first year she exhibited her work even though she had been painting for at least 20 years before that. Intriguing...