Sunday 14 January 2018

The art trail - January 2018

Another walk around Kolonaki which includes visiting some of the private galleries in the area. First stop, the shop of the Zoumboulakis galleries.

Nikos Nikolaou, Mask, (tempera on paper bag, inside plexiglass case)

Manolis Romantzis

Manolis Romantzis

Yannis Moralis, Erotic, 1991

Next stop, the shop of the Hadjikyriakos-Ghika annex of the Benaki Museum, which is just across the road.

Margarita Ecclesiarchou, bowl

Ecclesiarchou is one of my favourite Greek ceramicists and it's always a pleasure seeing her work. She's constantly changing, trying different approaches, breaking boundaries. You can see more of her work herehere , and  here

Margarita Ecclesiarchou

Margarita Ecclesiarchou

Margarita Ecclesiarchou

Just around the corner is Ekfrasi Gallery where there is an exhibition of Juliano Kaglis' abstract paintings.

We eventually ended up in Phillippou, our favourite taverna in Kolonaki and one we frequently visit.

The food is delicious, very reasonably priced and the service is excellent - what more could one want?

We arrived at 1:00 - too early for most Greeks, but by the time we left the place was full.

Artists who have patronised this taverna over the years - it was established in 1923 - have donated some of their work. This print is by Yannis Moralis as is the one below.

and this one is by Yannis Tsarouhis.

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