Saturday 3 February 2018

Christos Tzivelos

Modelling Phenomena, Christos Tzivelos

at the Benaki Museum, Pireos annexe.

It is has now been four decades since Christos Tzivelos worked on The Rhetoric of the Image, the series that marked the beginning of his brief yet prolific career in art. In the 18 active years before his untimely death in 1995, the artist managed to leave behind a remarkable body of sculptures in which he used mainly light.  For Tzivelos light has functioned as the primary material,  enclosed in sculptural forms of wax or resin. Light shapes the forms, raising them from darkness. 'The artist's hand', he said in an interview, 'can cultivate a relationship with natural phenomena such as light'.

Untitled, 1982, (painted cardboard)

From the series Lampe 'le rayon X', 1983-85, (light, glass globes, mixed media)

looking closer

The Painter, 1983, (cans with paint drippings, miniature figure)

looking closer

Untitled, 1986-89, (flashlight projection)

Bird's Eye-View, 1991, Installation

Untitled, 1993, (light, resin, fireproof fabric)

looking closer

looking closer

Untitled, 1990, (light, resin, iron)

looking closer

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