Tuesday 24 April 2018

Ceramics at the Stratford Gallery

Ceramics at the Stratford Gallery.

Discovering this new gallery in Stratford-upon-Avon was a pleasant surprise.

Rhian Malin

Mizuyo Yamashita

Eddie Curtis

You can see more of Eddie Curtis' work here and here

Eddie Curtis, tea bowl (Kurinuki)

Eddie Curtis, Lidded Vessel (stoneware, applied texture, celadon, Shino. gold)

Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis, Rock, (Shino, Celadon, Gold Leaf, Applied Texture)

Opening the rock

Paul Wearing, Cylinder

Paul Wearing, Cylinder

Eddie Curtis, Cha-Ire, (Shino, Gold Leaf, Applied Texture)

Eddie Curtis, Sake Cup (Kurinuki), (Stoneware, Celadon, Copper Oxide)

Eddie Curtis, Cha-Ire

Chiu-I Wu, A Little Cloud, (Coiled Stoneware, Oxides)

Chiu-I Wu, Contentment, (Coiled Stoneware, Oxides)

Jessica Thorn, Orange Tea Caddy, (Copper and Leather Handle)

opening the tea caddy

Jessica Thorn

Margaret Curtis, Lidded Jar, (Black Clay, Celadon, Copper Oxides, Frosted Overglaze)

Margaret Curtis, Shallow Bowl, (Black Stoneware, Celadon, Copper Oxide)


  1. I bought a Jessica Thorne jug at Ceramic Art London last month, her work is really interesting I think. I also wonder how Margaret Curtis manages, her work is so similar to her husband's but less dramatic and intense...must be hard to be part of that duo?

  2. I like what I have seen of Jessica Thorne's work. The handle of the tea caddy is made out of leather - a pleasant surprise when you touch it.

    I've had the same feelings about the work of the Curtis'. I mentioned this to the gallery owner. His response was that their work is bound to seem similar because they both share the same glazes. He thinks very highly of Margaret's work. I would also like to add that Margaret seems to be taking new directions in her work - not apparent in this exhibition, but what I have seen at the Oxford Ceramics Fair in the last couple of years was very pleasing and very different.